What functions does handyPM3player offer?


The 10 sec. back

Didn't you understand one word? No complicated rewind, just one touch of a rewind button to move back about 10 seconds. Function is also available for control from his pocket.


The Pocket Mode

No looking at the screen required! There is no need to take your mobile out of your pocket. Just tap to quickly pause and play, skip forwards and backwards within a song or through the tracks.


The Selection Loop

This function allows you to easily define a section in the track to be played in a loop. Didn´t you understand a dialogue or would you like to memorize a part of a text? Just use the easy setup to replay it over and over again.


The Position Marker

This function enables you to interrupt listening to the track being played, give a listen to another track, and then go back to the actual place where you finished with the previous track.


The Sleep Mode

If you also use the player at bedtime, you can use the sleep function to set the time to be elapsed before the player switches off automatically.


The Quick Selection

Just one tap is enough to playback the playlist or add albums or a music folder.

Browse the “Instructions for Use” Section to get info on how to exploit the above-mentioned functions and some more. The section contains several short videos demonstrating the player control.

Why a Special Player?

An effective way to acquire a second language is to listen to it a lot. You have several options: to set out for the country where the language is spoken, to watch films and TV news in the target language, to listen to songs sung in that language or to listen to listening practice recordings. The best way is probably to combine all these options. The Internet provides a lot of high-quality audio materials for practising languages. To illustrate, I would like to mention A. J. Hoge’s recordings and English Podcasts, which I find very helpful when learning English. It doesn’t matter if you use recordings followed by a listening exercise, or not. In many cases, if you want to catch everything, you often need to pause the recording, rewind it and re-listen to it. Some time ago it was not a problem to purchase an MP3 player with big control buttons allowing you to control the music right from your pocket. However, since launching first smart phones, these classic MP3 players have no longer been available on the market.

A Mobile Phone Functioning as an MP3 Player?

Whatever playback application you will try, you will soon find out all these apps are intended for playback of music and not for quick pausing and rewinding the recording. For example, if you need to pause the recording while walking with the smart phone in your pocket, it is first necessary to take your phone out of your pocket and to look at the screen. You won’t manage to pause the recording immediately because the phone is in the sleep mode. And it will probably take as many as several seconds to unlock the screen. Sure, the solution might lie in using headphones equipped with the “stop” function, but this only solves the problem with the quick pausing. What if you have problems understanding and need to pause the recording quickly, put it a few seconds back and listen to that part again? Eventually, you will have to take the phone out of your pocket anyway in order to unlock the smart phone screen. Another frequent situation might be the case when you want to memorize a phrase or an idiomatic expression. Is it be enough to hear it just once? Of course not! Usually, repeated listening is necessary for safe memorizing. But how would you replay one or two sentences in the middle of a recording which is several minutes long? Rewinding it by using the classic rewind function and trying to find the right point on the tiny timeline may cost you your nerves.

The Solution

HandyMP3player has been specially designed to meet the requirements for easy control of smartphone-based playback in the situations described above. Try it and experience the features like the pocket control or the selection loop. You will see they are the right solution! If you have any suggestions for another useful function or any further improvement, don’t hesitate to contact me. Your ideas and suggestions will be used for improving the player for the next version release.